A biophysics simulator for muscle-driven systems.


Based on more than 20 years of research in physics of living matter, mostly human motion, demoa is a powerful simulator providing all necessary functions to build neuro-musculoskeletal body models and simulate their behaviour.

Become inspired by the examples we provide and describe in the manual. Additionally, we will continuously grow this resource by own models, as soon as they are published.

Generic Human Spine model (gspine)

Fully articulating human spine model built using geometric data from literature.

Download gspine now!

Human Arm model (arm26)

Human arm model: 2 articulating joints, driven by 6 muscle-tendon units.

Download arm26 now!

Reduced Human All-body model (allmin)

A reduced all-body model parametrised using generic literature data for the geometry of the skeleton including attachment points for ligaments and muscles.

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a biophysics simulator for muscle-driven systems