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Joined M^3 Seminar "Motions in Man and Machine"

The guiding question for the seminar is: How are biological and technical movements generated and controlled?

Joined interdisciplinary Seminar offers a unique possibility to glance at research questions, methods, and results from three research labs in Baden-Württemberg. You will get insights into this interdisciplinary field through provided overview on different aspects like: recording and analysis of human movement, reduced biomechanical models, neuro-musculo-skeletal models, humanoid robotics, control of complex human-like movements and machine learning. The interaction of these approaches offers new possibilities and opens new research focus areas.

We will discuss examples from the industry (passenger safety in cars, tool design, ergonomics), in medical engineering (prosthetics, orthotics, rehabilitation robotics), Human-Robot interaction and imitation learning. Participating in the seminar will allow you to visit the labs, listen to presentations of researchers at each institution, take part in a small research project in a field of your choice, and to get in contact with students and researchers in this interdisciplinary field.

You are more than welcome to join us this year!

M^3 Seminar 2020 - Ongoing

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